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Yessir Multimedia CDs Co. Taiwan, offer CD & DVD replication, Authoring, CSS protection, Cover printing, and the completed packaging for all of clients in the world. The highest quality, the inexpensive price, the quickest delivery, and the best service you would get and more from YESSIR  
(1) Master Authoring
(2) CSS Protection
(3) Disk Stamping
(4) Replication
(5) Printing
(6) Package



Yessir multimedia CD’s co. established since 1986, had over 20 years of producing experience in multimedia video and audio field already. For e-time has been coming with time, we are special with Optoelectronics and digital AV technique also relative products to major in CD, and DVD applicative products, we are going in manufacturing and whole sales CD-R and DVD-R. We also process various form of CD/DVD disks contain with 12cm, 8cm, and business card type CD (named card CD).
CD/DVD disk acts as a store and read media. Most of CD/DVD used as a study media, a managed media, an entertainment media, a spread media, also is a good promotion media, it could be recorded includes and/or video, audio, photograph, letter in there, it is so multi functional for business application that alters human’s life very much.
Now we integrate CD/DVD manufacturing technique, to process CD/DVD each step in Master authoring , CSS protection, Master stamping, CD/DVD replication, CD printing stuffs, and CD package for all of clients in the world, we do the best in CD/DVD tailor and manufacture, we reduce the charge based on any what you offer to us a raw video, audio, photograph, or letter for processing these as a CD/DVD products in here.

Master authoring

CD/DVD authoring is the process of creating a CD-Rom/DVD includes data and/or video that can be played on a PC/DVD player. The specifications are complicated due to the number of clients that were involved in creating them.

CSS protection

The CSS key sets are licensed by the DVD Copy Control Association to manufacturers who incorporate them into products such as DVD movie releases, drives & players. Most DVD players are equipped with a CSS Decryption module. CSS key is a collective term for authentication key, disc keys, player keys, title keys, secured disk key set, and/or encrypted title keys.

Master stamping

Per ODC Master Stamping Systems you can rely on our products, our technology, and our people to do what it takes to make you successful in mastering.

CD/DVD replication

Includes CD / VCD / CD-Rom / DVD-5 / DVD-9 / DVD-10 / BD-5 / BD-9, A perfect CD is determined to if a stamping and injecting mould is excellent firstly when replicated, so YESSIR provide the precision mould like as the famous inc Microsoft and Apple requested. Our CD/DVD quality also got PAHS & ROHS approval.

CD printing stuffs

Includes CD label / cover / jacket / booklet / wallet / box / card / mailer / sticker, offer standard 4C offset printing, and 7C silk printing.

CD package Includes sleeve / case / box / wallet / digi pack and/or shrink with an opp wrap, processed by automatic packaging equipment.

More service

We are confident, The highest quality, the inexpensive price, the quickest delivery, and the best extra service, you would get more from YESSIR.


In Asia area, such as mainland China and Japan,you can receive the goods within 2-3 days by air-shipping, and.within 10-21 days by sea-shipping, In Middle east, Africa, Europe, and America, you can receive the goods within 3-5 days by air-shipping, and.within 21-28 days by sea-shipping,So far, in overseas market we have been exporting CD/DVD to many countries, such as
Japan, Mainland China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Britain, Switzerland, Canada, USA.

We believe that, YESSIR will be deep your heart just now also forever..



PAHS & ROHS E. P Approval.Microsoft & Apple Stamp Approval