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Yessir Multimedia CDs Co. Taiwan, offer CD & DVD replication, Authoring, CSS protection, Cover printing, and the completed packaging for all of clients in the world. The highest quality, the inexpensive price, the quickest delivery, and the best service you would get and more from YESSIR  
(1) Master Authoring
(2) CSS Protection
(3) Disk Stamping
(4) Replication
(5) Printing
(6) Package

Shipped by air

To delivery to Mainland China, Japan, Asia aera, and Australia within 2-3 days.
To delivery to Europe, America within 3-5 days.

Shipped by sea

To delivery to Mainland China, Japan, Asia aera, and Australia within 10-21 days.
To delivery to Europe, America within 21-28 days.

CD/DVD Replication
A perfect CD is determined to a stamping and injecting mold firstly when replicating, so YESSIR provide the precision mold like as the famous inc Microsoft and Apple deciding to replicatie CDs. The quality of replicating CD in this way is nice quantity
on reflex,stabilization, reading, and placement, which also can avoid malajustment in
some of CD-Rom or DVD-Rom when CD readed. and assure a long time to be used.

Master offerr A CD master must be offerred when replicating, and it be requested to record the data using CD-R, DVD-R, or DLT as a replicating master for our stamp then.
Master Stamping Leading the CD-R, DVD-R, or DLT master in a stamper.
Accorrding to the rule of PVC injection, the stamper can electroform the master data as a steel mold (stamping) for injection.
The digital comparison with both master data and stamping venation be inspected in the same one, so you are never warry the digital singal be attenuated like the video or audio tape using a recorder to re-copy another one.
If the above digital comparison is never passed, the CD master would be rejected to the client for remake a new one.
CD shaped The precision injecter shape the based rudiment of  CD, VCD, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-14 with  the material of optic poly- carbonate.
Electroform To electroform CD rudiment with reflex metal on , and scan surface automatically.
Protection To coat CD rudiment with protect film on, and scan surface automatically.
Desiccatant To desiccate CD rudiment , and scan surface automatically.
Print CD To print CD with full colors by offset, or 5 colors by screen.
The design file for printing CD will be accepted using with the software of Coreldraw, Photoshop,or Issustrator, such as cdr, psd, eps, or ai file.
Inspection To inspect the ready CD by radial scanner.
Packaging CD We offer variform package, booklet print,and shrink for packing the CD.


PAHS & ROHS E. P Approval.Microsoft & Apple Stamp Approval